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Taking Back Sunday Chapter 15 (THE END)

[Title] Taking Back Sunday
[Author] dejectedmadness
[Rating] NC-17 because I am incapable of writing anything besides that and PG-13. R? What’s that.
[Chapter Listing] .:1:. .:2:. .:3:. .:4:. .:5:. .:6:. .:7:. .:8:. .:9:. .:10:. .:11:. .:12:. .:13:. .:14:. 15/15
[Disclaimer] I am posting fanFICTION. Neither the characters nor the ideas belong to me, just the plot specific to this story. No profit is being made off of this fiction, it is being written solely for my entertainment and for the entertainment of others as warped as I am. Don't sue.
[Band/Pairing] Brand New/Straylight Run, Jesse Lacey/Brian Lane, Jesse Lacey/John Nolan
[Summary] Jesse makes a new friend about whom John is not particularly fond for reasons as yet only speculated upon.
[X-Posted] rockinthebed, slashypunkboys, _brand_new_love, lacey_loves_jno
[Author’s Notes] This isn’t intended to be particularly AU, although it is a high school fic, and it has some anachronistic tendencies.

Jesse is the obsessive Morrissey fan who would know of this, which he (Moz) was quoted as saying about reuniting with The Smiths, “I would rather eat my own testicles than re-form The Smiths, and that’s saying something for a vegetarian.” Close to the end of this chapter, Jesse says something in that vein, and I thought it was terribly appropriate. However, this quote, from what I can tell, occurred later than this story takes place. Oh well; it’s my story, so I say it’s a-ok.

I would just like to take the opportunity with this, the last installment of Taking Back Sunday, to thank everyone who has followed the story throughout the year, or thereabouts, that I have spent working on it. Your support means everything. Thank you to those who have read a chapter, thank you to those who have read every chapter. Thanks for the comments, and thanks even if you didn’t comment. If you are reading this at all, thank you. Thanks especially to my lovely beta dimmingdivine, (whose betaed version of this chapter got lost in email for the last 4 months. Stoopid intArW3bs pwning my story.) I could not have done this without you, and to Gabe, whose insistence that she would quit the band if I didn’t get my ass in gear and finish up this bastard sometime soon. I hope you enjoy it.

I also want to reassure you that this will not be the last you see of me. I have one nine-chapter story to post, already completely written and mostly betaed after this one is completed, and hands full of short stories ready and waiting. I just didn’t want to post other things while this was still unfinished. I figured I would forget about it if I did that.

Anyway, that’s my bit. Thanks again to everyone. As always, comments are love. <3

( Chapter Fifteen )
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