wakexthedead (wakexthedead) wrote in lacey_loves_jno,

TITLE: Rejection
AUTHOR: wakexthedead
PAIRING: John Nolan/ Jesse Lacey
SUMMARY: Jesse doesn't like criticism.
DISCLAIMER: Fakefakefake
AUTHORS NOTES: Oh god I can't decide if I hate this. I think I do.

Jesse Lacey did not like criticism. He hated it, as a matter of fact. That’s why no one was allowed to read his notebook (he refused to call it a diary, though John always teased him about it.)

Jesse took his notebook everywhere, so no one could read it when Jesse was out of the house or something like that. Of course, it wasn’t a problem when Jesse was at home. He could always just place it between the mattress and the bed, which he had realized was actually a really good place to hide things.

Sometimes Jesse forgot to put his notebook away. Sometimes John came over and picked up the dog-eared pages, daring himself to read it. But Jesse always caught John before he was able to read anything.

One day they had a sleepover. John knew Jesse too well. John found Jesse’s notebook. John read Jesse’s notebook while its owner slumbered peacefully in the hazy morning light.

John woke Jesse up.

"Who is this about?" he asked. Jesse looked at the notebook, paused, and then hit John.

“You know you’re not allowed to read that!”

“Who is this about?” he repeated stubbornly.

“I’m not telling you.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll hate me,” he answered sharply.

“Is it Michelle?” John asked, sickened revelation spreading across his face.

“Of course not!” Jesse cried indignantly.

“Is it someone I know?”


“Who is it?”

“Will you freak out?” Jesse asked nervously.
“That depends,” John evaded.

“It’s you.” No hiding it now…


There was a long and awkward silence.

John stood up.
“I think I’d better go now.”

Jesse Lacey hates criticism, and this is the worst kind.
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